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PRC Fabrication

PRC's fabrication shop is well equipped with 4 welding and assembly stations along with an extensive collection of tube benders and material shaping cutting and finishing tools. At PRC, we can make anything from complete header systems, prototype plenums, intake manifolds, dry sumps to oil tanks.

PRC has the tools and experience to create the highest quality fabricated products available for your project.

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Performance Exhaust

PRC's is well known throughout the motorsports industry for it's quality performance exhaust. Our staff has over 30 years experience designing and manufacturing exhaust systems for the top levels of motorsports. Durability starts with proper tooling and material selection. The methodology used in manufacturing exhaust is critical to performance and durability. PRC has the experience and knowledge to realize there are no shortcuts in this process.  


PRC Billet Flanges

  • Billet flanges
  • Hard tooling for repeatability
  • High grade materials