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PRC Performance Oil Pumps

PRC high performance engine oil pumps and oil system solutions provide unparalleled efficiency and reliability. PRC pumps are used by championship teams and manufacturers competing at the highest level of motorsports. PRC's unique rotor designs, along with proprietary manufacturing techniques, ensure world class performance.  

proven industry leader in performance oil pumps

Custom Machining

PRC provides precision machined products with to a wide range of industries.

Custom Fabrication

PRC provides precision fabricated products and manufactured solutions to a wide range of industries.

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Electronic Monitoring

PRC manufactures a specialized electronic monitoring and control systems.  

4 Stage Cam Drive Oil Pump with Spin-On Reusable Stainless Steel Filter

6 Stage Cup Style Oil Pump

PRC Dry Sumps & Oil Tanks

With decades of experience designing complete oil system solutions, PRC is the one stop shop for the client that will not settle for anything but the highest quality and performance. Contact PRC directly for a confidential analysis of your oil system requirements.